Who We Are

Pinsheng Electronics Co.,Ltd was established in 1993 , which was a UL, ISO9001, ISO14001, REACH and RoHS certificated company with 26 years experience in PCB manufacturing and turnkey circuit board assembly.

Through stable cooperation with domestic and overseas customers, PS has grown to a group with 3 plants for production of rigid board, flex board and aluminium board. Our products are widely used in consumer products, communication, industrial control, automotive, computers and lighting etc.. Which provide one stop service to customers and have long steady cooperation with leader enterprise such as Huawei and Foxconn.

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What We Do

rigid pcb

Rigid PCB

gold finger pcb

Gold Finger PCB

high frequency pcb

High Frequency PCB

rigid flex pcb

Rigid Flex PCB

flexible pcb

Flex PCB

aluminum pcb

Aluminium PCB

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Customer comments

Thank you for your excellent and efficient management of our projects. Our experience working with PS PCB has made you our first choice when looking to start new projects involving Chinese suppliers. We look forward to continuing to build a long lasting business relationship.
JAMES, USA, Electronic product manufacturer
We would like to thank you and everyone at PS PCB for the great services and support. You have provided excellent representation for our company in China and showed great management skills and situation control.
Tony, UK, Purchaser at lighting company
The response for the models where outstanding , and here in the company also, they grab good attention and more than that. I cannot thank you enough for doing the effort and mange this on time in that quality.
Lauren , Australia, manager of appliance company
This is fantastic .I am very pleased.
First of all and above all I want to thank you personally and everyone on the team, I’m looking forward to be working with you again
Krzysztof, Poland, Director of electronic company

How to order from us

Send Email to us

Attach Gerber Files to an e-mail and send to your AC Sales Representative or Sales@pspcb.com.  Please be sure to include: quantity needed, turntime desired, previous P.O. number (for part accuracy) and new P.O. details

We confirm order from you

Step 2
Once your  files received,  we will check them for DRC errors for drill sizes, etc.
If your files meet our requirements you will receive confirmation that your order is accepted. If you don’t receive reply in 24 hours  please re-send your file.

Your order proceed

Step 3
Your order will be proceed when we received your PO form completely filled and signed. We confirm by e-mail the PO form receipt in 24 hours, if you don’t receive e-mail confirmation in 24 hours please don’t resend your PO to avoid order duplication, just ask by e-mail.
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