Aluminium PCB are widely used in LED lighting with good thermal conductivities. We provide great material with high thermal conductivities to make sure stable and long life for the led product and power supplier project.



  • IPC 6013 types 1, 2, & 3
  • 1-4 layers capabilities
  • 1W-300W/mk thermal conductivity
  • High standard LED super white solder mask.

Product Examples

LED alumium deep milling pcb

LED Aluminium Deep Milling PCB

led white solder mask pcb

LED White Solder Mask PCB




Led Aluminium PCB

2 layer alumnium pcb

2 Layers Aluminium PCB

2 layer alumnium pcb

2 Layers Aluminium PCB

white solder mask alumnium pcb

White Solder Mask Aluminium PCB

white alumnium pcb

White Aluminium PCB

Taiyo solder mask alumnium pcb

Taiyo Solder Mask Aluminium PCB

Super white alumnium pcb

Super White Aluminium PCB

led light alumnium pcb

LED Lighting Aluminium PCB

led alumnium pcb

LED Aluminium PCB

double side alumnium pcb

Double Sided Aluminium PCB

alumnium pcb

Aluminium PCB

alumnium pcb led

LED Aluminium PCB

Alumnium pcb led solder mask

Aluminium PCB

alumnium pcb black solder mask

Aluminium PCB With Black Solder Mask

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