Classification Items Capability
Materials Base-material FR4, CEM-3, high frequency, PTFE, halogen-free, Aluminium base material, Copper based material
Material brand KB, ITEQ, SY, ISOLA, Rogers, Arlon, Ventec,     Laird, or other laminate on customer’s request.
Min. core thickness 3 mil
Prepreg 1080 , 2116 , 7628 , 7630
Copper foil 1/4 oz ~6 oz
Solder mask Rongda,Taiyo,Nanya or other brand on customer’s request
Hole Min. drill size 0.2mm
Min laser drill size 3mil
Hole diameter tolerance ±0.05mm
Hole location tolerance ±2mil
PTH Aspect/ratio 12:01
Image transfer min line width/space 3/3 mil
Finished copper thickness 6 oz
Layer to layer registration 2 mil
Etching Line width/space tolerance ±10%
Solder Mask Via plug via size :0.2-0.8mm
S/M registration 1 mil
solder dam width 4 mil
Finishing HASL YES
HAL (Pb-free) YES
Immersion silver YES
Immersion Tin YES
Gold finger YES
Immersion gold YES
Product Layer count 1~20 layers
Board thickness 0.3 ~ 6 mm
Board thickness tolerance ± 5%
max board size 800*650mm
min V-score residuals 0.1 mm
Bow & twist ≤0.50% (max cap)
Outline tolerance ± 0.1mm
Impedance control PCB YES
Blind and buried via PCB YES(laser and mechanical drill)
High frequency PCB YES
Selective hard gold PCB YES
Carbon ink PCB YES
Aluminium base PCB YES
Feature Parameter (in) Parameter (mm)
Layers 1 – 6 1 – 6
Max Board Size 20” x 20” 508 x 508mm
Material Polyimide, Polyimide,
Brand ITEQ, Dupon ITEQ, Dupon
Min Board Thickness – 1-2 (layers) 6mil 0.15mm
Min Board Thickness – 4 (layers) 8mil 0.2mm
Min Board Thickness – 6 (layers) 10mil 0.25mm
Board Thickness Range 6 – 25mil 0.15 – 0.63mm
Max Copper Thickness 2oz 70um
Min Line Width / Space 2mil / 2mil 0.05 / 0.05mm
Min Hole Size 3mil 0.075mm
PTH Dia. Tolerance ±2mil ±0.05mm
NPTH Dia. Tolerance ±1mil ±0.025mm
Hole Position Deviation ±4mil ±0.1mm
Outline Tolerance ±3mil ±0.075mm
S/M Pitch 3mil 0.075mm
Aspect Ratio 0.250694444 0.250694444
Thermal Shock 5 x 10Sec @288 5 x 10Sec @288
Flammability 94V-0 94V-0
Impedance Control ±5% ±5%
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