Flexiable PCBs are easy to assemble and efficient for applications that require thin and flexible material. We provide a variety of flexible circuit boards including single sided, double sided and multilayers.

Flex Features

  • 1 – 6+ Layer Capability
  • IPC 6013 types 1, 2, & 3
  • Complex balanced & unbalanced structures
  • Silver film & sliver ink
  • Custom Surface Finishes Available
flexible pcb

Product Examples

2 layer flex pcb

2 Layers Flex PCB

2 layers flexible pcb factory

2 Layers Flex PCB

cell phone flex pcb

Cell Phone Flex PCB

double sided flexible pcb

2 Layers Flex PCB

flex pcb

Flex PCB

flexible bare board

Flex PCB

flexible pcb China

Flex PCB

flexible pcb factory

Flex PCB

two layer Rigid flex pcb

Flex PCB

flexible printed circuit board

Flex PCB

Screen flexible pcb

Screen Flex PCB

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