PS has the following meanings besides the initials of our company’s name:

Who we expect to become to our customers: Splendid Partner
What we are equipped: Personalized Service
Which we uphold: Professional Synergism
When we wake up every morning: Passionate Start

In order to express corporate culture more clearly, we have updated the logo.

Representing pure, calmness, spacious, rational, azure color, which make up our new logo, is a symbol of continuous development of science and technology, it indicates our commitment to embrace science and technology, soaring in the sky of innovation, constantly following the pace of science and technology, advancing with the times and making progress. Azure represents science and technology. The letters P and S are surrounded by azure, so they are devoted to science and technology. Azure is like the sky, so they are soaring in the sky of innovation.

The new logo also state that:

We always keep our mind: professional service, sincere hospitality. (It is contained in the 2 simple words- “PS”)
Our ambition hoping to be the top-ranking suppliers of PCB in China is as great as the sky. (Sky blue bears our ambitious vision)
We cooperate sincerely, manage efficiently, hardworking, step by step toward our goal. (Calmness)
We always keep a sober mind, customer-oriented, honesty, cooperation and win-win, innovation and far-reaching. (Reason)

The new logo has been officially put into use. It is declared hereby to prevent inconvenience to you.

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